Belt sander

Belt grinders are suitable ideal for precise and efficient sanding in tight spaces and hard to reach areas, such as spherical surfaces and pipes that are poorly accessible with normal grinding equipment. Our belt sanders are also ideal for deburring of all kinds and are a sensible and economical supplement for all grinding work.

Nicole Pinne-Wandmacher

Power tools designed primarily for grinding surfaces of various materials. Belt grinders have a revolving endless abrasive belt and can have several abrasive belt speeds. Characteristic features are high stock removal and parallel running grinding grooves. They are suitable for large area sanding of paints, fillers, plastics, wood, metal and also stone. Integrated dust extraction is mandatory and environmentally friendly. Built-in control electronics allow material-specific, freely selectable belt speeds between 250 and 450 m/min. The graphite plate with cork backing allows fine grinding work. Many belt grinders can be easily attached with screw clamps and allow stationary operation. Belt grinders in commercial use can also be used stationary when mounted on a base frame.

Contrary to the cutting speed specifications for angle grinders, straight grinders and drills in the unit of measurement, which here is m/sec, the specifications of the belt speed in m/min have become generally accepted for belt grinders. 250 m/min means that the grinding belt, if it could move the machine as a free drive, would cover 250 m in one minute. This corresponds to a speed of 15 km/h.

Wide belt sander

The wide belt sander is used to machine stock flat and to specific thicknesses. It can be used with solid wood and composite boards such as plywood and MDF. A rubber conveyor carries your stock through the machine while a wide abrasive belt removes material from the top surface. It is often used in conjunction with the jointer to create square and true stock. The wide belt sander is electric powered but relies on air pressure to control the abrasive belt. Therefore, the user must make sure the machine’s air valve is open before operation.