Delta sander

The delta or triangle sander is an orbital sander with a triangular sanding plate. The side edges of the equilateral grinding plate are convexly curved, resulting in the shape of the Greek letter "D" ("Delta"). This makes it possible to grind into sharp corners and along straight and curved edges. By using suitable extensions of the sanding plate, it is also possible to sand surfaces that are difficult to access, e.g. slats of shutters.

Nicole Pinne-Wandmacher

The delta grinder/sander is a handy, compact tool which provides good service to DIY enthusiasts on grinding/sanding jobs involving wood and plastic. Its grinding/sanding disk is designed specially for tireless machining of offset, hard-to-reach places.

The sander comes often with hook and loop fastening so that the abrasive paper can be changed in seconds and sits crease-free on the machine. The tools have often an adapter for connection to a dust extraction system for clean, low dust operation and dust free processing.