Orbital sanders

Power tool designed mainly for fine grinding of surfaces of various materials. The orbital sander has a grinding plate that oscillates parallel to the working surface, usually rectangular.

Nicole Pinne-Wandmacher

With approx. 6000 to approx. 25 000 oscillations/min and an oscillating circuit diameter of up to 5 mm, fast and clean grinding is guaranteed. Abrasive paper or cloth is attached to the sanding plate as an abrasive and the integrated dust extraction system allows environmentally friendly work. The additional control electronics allow the oscillation number to be preselected for material-specific fine sanding.
Used for pre- and re-sanding of hard woods, plywood, soft wood, varnish and filler with densely scattered, normal abrasive paper or cloth. For pre-sanding of soft and resin-rich woods, openly scattered abrasive paper should be used, for paint removal and for pre-sanding work mainly HM scattered abrasive sheets based on metal foil should be used.

Eccentric sander / Random orbital sander

Power tool designed mainly for fine grinding of surfaces of various materials, such as wood, metal, glass and plastics. The mostly round grinding disc is eccentrically mounted on the drive shaft and can rotate freely or positively guided around its axis parallel to the work surface.
With forced guidance, the stock removal rate is increased considerably, so that coarse grinding work is also possible. With integrated dust extraction and adjustable control electronics and additional soft start, the random orbital sander is versatile.

Eccentric principle

Eccentricity is the distance between two centres of motion, one of which is the centre.